• Our Partners

    Our partners believe in our BICO technology to optimise their daily bike share operations and user experience.

They Believe in BICO

They utilise BICO every day to optimise operations, maximise ridership and reduce unnecessary operations cost by automating their rebalancing process.


“Stage Intelligence has been a fantastic partner. Their expertise has been instrumental in shaping our approach to bike redistribution, and they’ve been flexible in helping us roll it out and adding new features. Stage’s BICO platform uses artificial intelligence to simplify management and accelerate how we operate. As a result, our team has a smart system that allows us to prioritize among hundreds of stations and offer a better experience for our riders and employees.”

Elliot Greenberger Elliot Greenberger Elliot Greenberger

“The rebalancing is one of our biggest challenges in the operation of the public bicycle system in Guadalajara. BICO has allowed us to take better advantage of our resources to improve our service. We focus our efforts on achieving user satisfaction. BICO is an essential part to provide a better service and now satisfaction is also for our staff.”

Noé SantanaOperation Manager at BKT bicipública

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