Docking Stations are designated to regional subsets which broadly correspond to their geographic positions. The user can change these and create new ones through the Service Points page.

  •    >   >   select a row in Service Points table corresponding to a Docking Station
  • edit Catchments associated with this Docking Station directly via the card on the right of this page (Figure 16a)

Catchment Areas, Catchment Groups and Catchment Coverages

“Catchment Areas” are large regions which are made up of one or more “Catchment Groups”. A Catchment Group can only ever be within one Catchment Area.

“Catchment Coverages” can cross the aforementioned regional boundaries (defined by Catchment Areas and Groups) so that they can serve as an independent means for grouping certain Docking Stations together.

For example, let’s suppose a cycle share scheme is divided into 2 Catchment Areas (“A” and “B”), 5 Catchment Groups (“J”, “K”, “L”, “M” and “N”), 1 Catchment Coverage (“W”) and that there are 2 Docking Stations (“S” and “T”).

The following arrangement would be possible: