Simplify your Bike Share Operation with Artificial Intelligence

BICO is a cloud-based solution that delivers real-time intelligence via its intuitive built console and app to optimise the management of Bike Share Schemes. It enables precise and optimal decision making and has been purpose-built to remove the complexity from managing cycle, vehicle and staff resources by automating operation processes.

By using AI to predict demand based upon factors such as weather conditions, seasonality, large city events, holidays and public transport closures (and many more!) BICO enables operators to stay ahead of the fluctuating demand by pro-actively ensuring that there are sufficient bikes and docking points available where and when they are required.

This allows Operators to proactively manage one of the biggest challenges of bike share – low availability of bikes and docking points. This allows schemes to consistently achieve SLA targets, increase user satisfaction and enable operators to scale and grow their schemes


Forecast cycle logistics requirement and resources

Journey planning integration and GPS tracking for BICO drivers app

Incorporate hubs, priority stations and valets into BICO

Management of SLAs and contractor performance

Scalable to all bike share scheme sizes

Dynamically manage cycle redistribution


  • User Satisfaction

    Increased user satisfaction by ensuring bikes and docking points are available when and where required.

  • Cost Reductions

    Improved operation efficiency and reduced requirement of operational resources.

  • Remove Unnecessary Processes

    Move away from traditional schedule or dispatch based approaches and eliminate wasted journeys.


    Real-time truck locations, colour coded station status and station clustering as well as access to advance analytics and actionable reports via a single dashboard.

  • Mobility

    Drivers receive direct communications from BICO via its mobile app without the need for intervention.

  • Control

    Autonomous operation of a Bike Share Scheme that reflects real time conditions, offers consistent delivery instruction and a detailed overview of the scheme.

  • Scenario Simulation

    BICO’s simulation engine enables the ability to see responses to “what if” scenarios, allowing improved and more efficient resource planning.

  • Upscale

    Increase the size of a Bike Share Scheme without the need to simultaneously increase available resource to maintain operation levels.


Improved system performance creates a better user experience, increasing current usage but also promoting new memberships creating an increase in revenue


Provide a higher service level, meet SLA’s and improve on KPI’s, reduce operational costs, gain greater operation efficiency and greater upscale potential.

City Transport Departments

New insights into user demand, usage and success of the scheme. Greater opportunity for integration into larger transport eco-system


Bikes Moved

99.9 %

SLA’s Consistently Achieved

20 %

Reduction In Operational Costs

What our customer say about us

“Stage Intelligence has been a fantastic partner. Their expertise has been instrumental in shaping our approach to bike redistribution, and they’ve been flexible in helping us roll it out and adding new features. Stage’s BICO platform uses artificial intelligence to simplify management and accelerate how we operate. As a result, our team has a smart system that allows us to prioritize among hundreds of stations and offer a better experience for our riders and employees.”

Elliot Greenberger GM - Divvy Bikeshare in Chicago


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