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BICO for Bike Share Schemes

Simplifying how you manage and grow your Bike Share Scheme with Artificial Intelligence.

The BICO recommendation engine delivers real-time intelligence for the management of Bike Share Schemes.

It enables precise and optimal decision making and has been purpose-built to remove the complexity from managing resources within a Bike Share Scheme.

BICO uses Artificial Intelligence to predict and respond to demand based on factors like weather conditions, seasonality, large city events, holidays, public transport closures and many more.

It removes the need for manual processes and decision making whilst also enabling you to accurately predict demand across a coverage area. This means better service for customers, greater efficiency in operations, and the ability to scale and grow your Bike Share Scheme.  


Capabilities include:

● Forecasting bicycle logistics requirement and resources.

● BICO system to manage cycle redistribution.

● SLA management and contractor performance.

● Scenario Simulation.

How It Works

The biggest challenge in Bike Share Schemes is ensuring that cycles are available to users where and when they want them at the start of their journey and a docking space at their final destination. User satisfaction is critical to the success of these schemes and availability of both docks and cycles directly impact short and long term usage.

BICO uses real-time intelligence to understand and predict demand while communicating where cycles need to be redistributed to drivers via a mobile app. Bike Share Scheme operators do not have to be involved in the decision making process and users gain access to the cycles and docks they need.

BICO is a cloud-based solution that can be rapidly deployed within a Cycle Share Scheme. It supports an optimal user experience while promoting new efficiency with these schemes.


● User Satisfaction – Bike Share users receive consistent experience with maximum cycle availability, which promotes usage in the short and long term.

● Cost Reductions – BICO reduces operational costs by reducing the number of trucks required to provide current service levels.

● Increased Efficiency – Available resource can be applied with less wasted journeys and more driver accountability.

● Visibility – BICO takes into account an almost infinite number of factors and criteria in its decision making enabling you to leverage new levels of intelligence.  

● Mobility – Drivers can receive direct communications from BICO via its mobile app.

● Scenario Simulation – BICO’s simulation engine enables you to see responses to “what if…” scenarios, resulting in better and more efficient resource planning.

● Control – BICO gives you greater levels of control and eliminates the need for a schedule based approach that may not reflect real-time conditions.


● Users: Increased satisfaction and usage of Bike Share Schemes.

● Operators: Reduced costs and a better overall provision of service.

● City Transport Departments: New insights into demand, usage and the overall success of the scheme

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