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BICO for Bike Share Schemes

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Stage Intelligence is using Artificial Intelligence to solve some of the most complex challenges in Bike Share Schemes, Transport & Logistics using our unique BICO software solution.


Using Artificial Intelligence in these industries enables our customers to rapidly respond to large changing demands and accelerate their decision making.

We are making Big Data real for our customers and are finding new ways for them to reduce costs, create new efficiency and provide optimised working environments.

The BICO recommendation engine is configured with the details of the shifts patterns, trucks and drivers. Drivers login to BICO via their mobile APP and then request a job.

BICO provides the driver with the first part of the job, i.e. drive to a docking station, the APP talks to a standard navigation APP such as Google Maps and the route is shown.

On arrival the driver is presented with the second part of the logistics task to load or unload bikes.